Law for Digital technologies (Право цифровых технологий)

Post Doc Fellowship Program “Law for Digital technologies”

Postdoctoral programs hold high esteem in the academic community, attracting participants from around the globe. Our global postdoctoral program is designed to foster international collaboration and academic excellence. Operating for one year, this program will be conducted in a hybrid mode, offering participants the flexibility to engage both remotely and in person.

Postdoctoral scholars are expected to visit SUSU for a minimum of two weeks during the program to facilitate research sharing and development with SUSU scholars and students. While participants are responsible for managing their travel arrangements, visa, etc. South Ural State University will generously offer free accommodation for up to two weeks' time.

By welcoming scholars from diverse backgrounds and creating an environment of collaborative learning, our postdoctoral program seeks to facilitate cutting-edge research and promote global academic advancement. Together, we aspire to shape the future of research and contribute to the progress of knowledge on an international scale.

The program will encompass a combination of interactive lectures, workshops, research projects, and networking opportunities.

Duration: 12 months 

Mode: Online 

Mandatory onsite Visit: 15 days anytime during the postdoc program. 

Program cost: 8 281 Chinese Yuan

Deadline to apply: 25th, September 2023 

Number of Seats: 15 on first come first serve basis.